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End of Year Event Networking - Auckland12/7/202212/7/2022We would love to extend an invitation to all our LESANZ members to join us for our End of Year networking event at Brothers Beer in Commercial Bay.Auckland CBDEOYNZDEC7
Intermediate Licensing Course - in-person - AKL12/7/202212/7/2022This 1 day training course will provide you with an understanding of the structuring and content of a licence agreement including the key concepts behind each provision, and why these documents have evolved into the key licencing terms many use today.AucklandINTNZDEC
Starting Up in the Health Sector - Vic12/1/202212/1/2022Postponed to February: The health sector is highly competitive and starting a new business or commercialising IP in the space can be daunting.  Join us at the offices of Davies Collison Cave for a relaxed end-of-year event where you will hear from three eminently qualified speakers, who will share their experiences in getting health start-ups off the ground.MelbourneVICXMAS22
Bob, Beer, & Bao – End of Year Event11/10/202211/10/2022Please join the NSW committee for a long overdue end-of-year function on Thursday, 10 November at The Bob Hawke Beer & Leisure Centre.MarrickvilleHAWKS22
2022 Francis Gurry Lecture on Intellectual Property10/18/202210/18/2022will be presented by Shira Perlmutter Register of Copyrights and Director, U.S. Copyright Office Tuesday, 6:15pm at Melbourne Law School and live streamed ~ Further details to come. 2022FGURRY
IP Valuation – assessing commercial value intangible assets9/21/20229/21/2022Join fellow SA LESANZ members in-person for this seminar. Valuation of IP and intangible assets is a key component of commercialisation and licensing. IP commercialisation often requires multiple rounds of capital raising, and thus it is crucial to be able to express and justify the commercial value of your IP to potential investors.AdelaideIPVALSA
Patents workshop for beginners9/20/20229/20/2022Hosted by IEEE | This workshop will provide some general background on patents and then work on a hypothetical case study based on this paper: https://research-repository.griffith.edu.au/handle/10072/411699. This paper describes a hyperspectral imaging application,  which could be turned into a commercial product with patent protection. Attendees will learn about the process of extracting the invention from the paper, drafting claims, commercial considerations, prior art etc. The seminar will also touch briefly on software copyright and wrap up with Q&A.NSWPATQLD
AI inventorship: ‘The Rise of the Machines’ in AU & NZ9/6/20229/6/2022The case of whether an artificial intelligence (AI) can be recognised as an inventor under the patent system has been tested in several jurisdictions in the past year. Recently, IPONZ and the Australian Full Federal Court have heard cases brought by Dr Stephen Thaler who tried to list the AI system ‘DABUS’ he created as an inventor on a patent application. We will discuss these decisions from AU & NZ perspectives, including why the Assistant Commissioner in New Zealand determined that an AI cannot be considered an inventor under the New Zealand Patents Act and compare that decision with the Australian cases, where the Federal Court initially found an AI could be an inventor, before this was overturned on an appeal to the Full Federal Court.  Then hear about the commercialisation journey for Presagen and how they are using AI to bring about better clinical outcomes for women, as well as their learnings along the way. AINZ22
Quantum Technologies – Australia’s Quantum Future7/27/20227/27/2022The race by governments and the private sector to make the quantum leap continues apace. As the quantum technology industry emerges and establishes it's norms, there are a variety of commercialisation and IP models that are being adopted. Join us for this quantum technology event as we delve into the science, unprecedented capabilities and disruptive applications enabled through quantum technology. QUANTUMJUL
Standards Essential Patents: When will the wave hit here?6/9/20226/9/2022Webinar: Litigation concerning Standards Essential Patents (SEPs), and the obligation to licence on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) is on the rise.  These issues are no longer just the concern of technology companies and smartphone manufacturers. They are already affecting a much wider range of industries using connected technologies, and the future impact could be even broader. STANDNSW
Strategies for Protecting Artificial Intelligence Invention6/7/20226/7/2022Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming our world, both in obvious and not-so obvious ways. As the influence and commercial value of this technology grows across a wide range of industries, so too do the questions surrounding patent protection and other forms of intellectual property rights. This webinar will address the key questions faced by innovators, researchers, technology transfer staff and corporates in this space, including the strategies and opportunities for protecting AI-implemented inventions. AINZJUNE
Brand power – creating the competitive edge6/1/20226/1/2022At this webinar, the 4 panellists will look into understanding the power of your brand and how best to increase its value and protect it. BRAND22LES
Online Intermediate Licensing Course5/18/20225/20/2022WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL 10/5/22: This 3 half day fully facilitated training course will provide you with an understanding of the structuring and content of a licence agreement including the key concepts behind each provision, and why these documents have evolved into the key licencing terms many use today.  Case study break-outs will enhance theoretical learning. INTERMAY
101 Introduction to the business of IP: fundamentals5/17/20225/17/2022Facilitated (online) run by our LES IP professionals with extensive experience in the field, covering the main types of IP, the language of licensing and enhance learning via a licence agreement case study. 101ONLINE
LESANZ Annual General Meeting 20225/10/20225/10/2022LESANZ will host the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 10th May at 12:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time via Zoom. AGM22
Joint Networking NSW Event5/4/20225/4/2022LESANZ & KCA jointly hosted networking event. Contact the Secretariat for your Ticket - numbers are limited.SydneyKCALESNSW
LESANZ Annual Conference 20224/4/20224/6/2022Conference via Zoom - full program details and registration types are available via the Annual Conference web pages. 3 Day Conference - Mon/Tues/Wed CONF2022
IP Licensing 2022 Takeaways from recent cases & HERC reform3/2/20223/2/2022Webinar: Whether you draft, negotiate or enforce licence agreements, there are lessons to be learnt from recent Australian and overseas licensing-related cases.  Scott’s presentation will cover US, UK and Australian cases relating to royalty clauses, trade mark standards, implied licences, the thin line between franchise and licence agreements, IP assignments, assignor estoppel, forum clauses and penalties.  Scott will also be providing a brief overview on the  proposed Higher Education Research Commercialisation (HERC) Intellectual Property (IP) Framework agreements and approach. LYIR22
IP enforcement: Issues faced and lessons learned2/3/20222/3/2022This Webinar will reflect on issues faced and lessons learned through enforcing IP rights in China, Australia, US and Europe, and a discussion on steps that companies can take to effectively prepare for IP enforcement. IPENFNZ
Fireside Chat with Rodney De Boos12/13/202112/13/2021Please join LESANZ for a fireside chat recorded with Rodney De Boos, consultant and ex-partner at Davies Collison Cave Law and previous LESANZ and LESI president, to celebrate his illustrious career and recent retirement. Karen Sinclair, principal at Griffith Hack (and past LESANZ President), will be discussing with Rod all things LESANZ. FIRESIDE21