TitleBegin DateEnd DateDescriptionCity
v2food – putting the Rebel in the Hungry Jack’s Whopper8/27/20208/27/2020Webinar via Zoom with Nick Hazell, CEO at v2food,  Nathan O’Callaghan Ph.D., Leader, Precision Health Future Science Platform, CSIRO Health & Biosecurity and Duncan Ferguson, Director, Company Creation, Agriculture & Food at CSIRO. REBELW
COVID19 – Innovating Under Fire7/31/20207/31/2020Webinar via Zoom with Chris Hopkins, SouthMed, Iain Hosie, Revolution Fibres and Stephanie Grant, Wellington Univentures INNOFIRE
Protecting AI and Data – European and AU/NZ perspectives7/22/20207/22/2020Webinar via Zoom with Rob Harrison, Germany and Bronwyn Furse, Adelaide AIDATA
Protection Enforcement & Licensing of Trade Secrets - COVID6/24/20206/24/2020Webinar via LESI - more details see link CEEM
Innovation policy and the R&D Tax Incentive6/4/2020 Webinar via Zoom RANDDTAXAU
The New Zealand R&D Tax Incentive6/4/2020 Webinar via Zoom RANDDTAXNZ
Tightrope of Tech Transfer-competing interests all around6/2/20206/2/2020Joint LESANZ/KCA free webinar via Zoom TIGHTROPE
Post........Brexit5/26/20205/26/2020Webinar via Zoom with Rob Harrison from Germany POSTBREXIT
Licensing Year in Review3/16/20203/16/2020 SydneyLYIRNSW