September Edition | A Word from our President Sue Muggleston

We are heading into spring and with it a fresh new crop of activities to look forward to, including some international events and an Asia Pacific joint seminar that will be held online. These are just some of the benefits of being part of an international society – for more keep an eye on the LESI webpage and of course the LESI journal les Nouvelles.

In this newsletter we continue the introduction to our Board and Trustees (this time Cherie van Wensveen, President Elect) and our Past President (this time Rodney de Boos who has a very long history with LESANZ). Our mentoring pilot programme is now in progress, all of the pairings are getting to know each other and have met at least once.

Planning for our 50th Anniversary Conference in Sydney next year is well underway and all the details for your calendar are included below.

Conference Announcement  | 50th Anniversary 2024 | Save the date!

6-8th March 2024 | Sydney @ Fishburners | Connect People and IP - Past Present and Future

Next year marks the 50th Anniversary of LESANZ and we are planning a very special conference to celebrate this momentous occasion.  Put it in your calendar now! 

Intro to the Board/Trustees Series  | Cherie van Wensveen - President-elect

Hello! My name is Cherie. I have been a member of LESANZ since 2006 and I am currently president-elect. I could bore you with some credentials, but that’s all laid out in my LinkedIn profile (feel free to connect!). I figured this was an opportunity to share a little more about me as a person. Why? Because at the end of the day, no matter how great the tech is, business and great commercial deals really hinge on people. Really, that’s the critical element in everything we do, be it in our day jobs, buying groceries, working out at the gym, driving, or calling our bank (ok maybe that last one is debatable whether you actually get to speak to a human!)

So, about me: I live in Brisbane (but I’m still a WA gal at heart). At the time of writing this I am on the cusp of a new life chapter: exchanging some heartfelt vows with my significant other. Our household includes a slightly neurotic and endlessly energetic Vizsla named Poppy, and a demanding, yet affectionate cat named Fritz.

When I’m not at work (I am a commercialisation manager at CSIRO), I am either exercising with Poppy, playing music with my partner, reading or immersing myself in the world of perfumery - smelling them and writing about them, that is. To me, perfumery is incredibly fascinating amalgamation of art and science. Our olfactory system is arguably the least understood of our senses. It is also the closest thing we have to a real world time-machine. Perhaps one day I may even start creating my own!

I am a registered patent attorney but quite early on in my IP career I became interested in how people leverage their IP into a successful business venture, which led me down the path of focussing more on commercialisation. I love it for all the reasons I loved studying science and IP and it is extremely satisfying to be part of getting really cool innovation implemented within the marketplace.

LESANZ is naturally aligned with my interests for this reason, bringing together great minds with different perspectives on science, commerce and IP. We are a friendly bunch, it’s always a pleasure to connect with LES members across the globe and tap into a wealth of knowledge that they bring.

Essential Member Benefits | Are YOU making the most of them

We highlight 3 benefits this month that you may not be aware of or utilising - want to know more? - contact Beth at the Secretariat
  1. Member Community Pages of Past events - access to recordings for CPD or if you missed them - link to member community of the website (you must be logged in to access)
  2. Royalty Rates - articles and survey results - access via your LES International login - via (full members only)
  3. Lexology/LESANZ Daily Newsblast - keep up to date on global IP articles and reports on case law and other related matters.  Opt in via the Secretariat

Past Presidents Series | Rodney de Boos

Rodney (Rod) de Boos joined LES in 1975, thanks to the encouragement of Alan Limbury. His dedicated involvement with our organisation began when Rod volunteered to serve as the Secretary of what was then known as LES Australia from 1979 to 1983. In 1983, under David Walsh's presidency, the organisation transitioned to LES ANZ (Australia & New Zealand). Rod's commitment and leadership skills were recognised when he was successfully elected as the President of LESANZ for the term 1985-1986.

Throughout his journey, Rod has consistently emphasised the significance of the international connections he forged during his tenure with LES. Notably, he served as the Secretary of LES International from 1992 to 1995 and assumed the role of President of LES International in 1998. His remarkable contributions were further acknowledged with the prestigious LES Gold Medal in 2006, and he was granted Life Membership in LESANZ in 2021.

In addition to his remarkable contributions to LES, Rodney has been an active member of the les Nouvelles Editorial Review Board since 2001, and he has served as its Chair since 2005, a position he continues to hold today.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Rod has a passion for golfing and enjoys exploring the world alongside his wife, Narelle. They have been graciously hosted by numerous LES friends they have met during LES Conferences and International gatherings.  Rodney is also acting as a mentor in the current LESANZ Pilot.

In his personal life, Rodney is a loving pet owner to Winnie the dog, who is treated with the utmost care and affection. Additionally, he cherishes his role as a grandparent, with four grandchildren, the oldest of whom is nearly five years old.


Rodney was interviewed by Karen Sinclair in December 2021.  You can view this recording along with other saved webinars via the "Webinars - slides & presentations - members only community" here.


Mentoring Pilot 2023 | launched!

The LESANZ Mentor Pilot has LIFTED OFF! 🌟🚀 Good luck to all our brilliant participants as they embark on an epic journey of growth and success! 🌠 May this mentoring program launch you towards greatness! 💪🌟 #LESANZMentorPilot #SoarToSuccess


Upcoming events

2023 events

  • Online: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property Rights in Asia : How to Attribute Ownership and Licensing Issues
    Hosted by LES Asia Pacific Region 
    Registrations via LESI Events 
    Thursday 21 September 2023

  • Online: WILA - LES Women in Licensing Alliance | Session 1: Imposter Syndrome | Amy Boettcher, JD, PCC Amy Coaches Amy is an attorney with over 18 years of family law experience. 
    Hosted by LESI in CT time
    Wednesday 27 September 2023

  • EOI open: In-person Melbourne
    Understanding the Business of IP: Fundamental concepts & pathways to commercialisation 101 course
    Email the Secretariat- 19th October@ Hall & Willcox.  9-12pm.
    Facilitator: Ben Hamilton

  • LESI 2023 Asia Pacific Conference
    Shenzhen, China
    Nov 16, 2023 - Nov 18, 2023

  • IPBC Asia 
    28-30 November, 2023

    2024 Events

  • 2024 LESANZ 50th Anniversary Annual Conference,
    Fishburners, Sydney NSW 
    6-8 March 2024



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International Articles of note in
les Nouvelles:

Special Issue: Licensing Regulations In Various Jurisdictions

Laws Affecting IP Licensing—Australia
By Scott Bouvier and Karen Litherland

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