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Benefits of LESANZ Membership

Benefits of LESANZ Membership

  1. Active Regional Committees hold regular local meetings in most states with guest speakers covering a broad range of topics on matters of interest - Joint meetings are also held with other professional bodies.
  2. Annual Conference is typically held over two or three days in a different regional centre each year and significant savings are offered to our members on the registration fees.
  3. Seminars & workshops aimed at educating members in relevant laws and practices.
  4. Online access to those seminars videoed FREE for members.
  5. Networking with people engaged in a wide range of related activities including: research and development, licensing-in, licensing-out, marketing and financing.
  6. Subscription to les Nouvelles for full members - the leading world journal for business people and professionals engaged in these fields - a unique source of information on International developments (published quarterly).
  7. Online Networking access to a worldwide network of around 10,000 members
  8. Communciations via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  9. "The Exchange" Newsletter relating to technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property which is specifically written for LESANZ members. Invitations to conferences organised by various LES societies around the world, including an Annual International Conference. Lexology LESANZ newsblast daily edition.
  10. Educational materials (eg: books, special publications, audios, videos) on topics of interest - via the LESI or USA/Canada Chapters for full members.
  11. Search Member (under construction) area for general public to find you on our website.


  • Licensing and transfer of technology (all forms);
  • Technology development, acquisition and transfer;
  • Copyright licensing (industrial and cultural);
  • Trademark merchandising;
  • Franchising and distribution of goods and services;
  • Protecting and valuing intellectual property;

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